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Butcher Hanging Beef

Our Services

CJ's Custom Meats is proud to provide quality, local processing of livestock and game, and retail services at affordable rates. We take pride in sourcing healthy, local, products, with attention to economical and sustainable practices.

Cutting & Wrapping

Beef - $0.90 LB

Hog - $0.90 LB

Game - $1.50 LB

Lamb - $99. EA

Inedible Fee $0.03 LB (included in c&w)

Snack Sticks

$3.59LB (30LB Minimum)

Pepperoni                     Nacho

Pepper                          Tex-Mex                    

Teriyaki                          Hot Beer

Peppered Teriyaki        Pepperjack

Jalapeno                      Dragon Breath

BBQ                              ??? (teriyaki w/ghost

                                                                        pepper cheese)

German Sausage

$3.29LB (30LB Minimum)

Jalapeno Cheddarwurst    Polish Sausage

Cheddarwurst                    Jalapeno Sausage

Bacon Cheddarwurst        Apple Bratwurst

Spicy German Sausage    Hot Beer Sausage

Mild German Sausage      Beer Bratwurst

Bierwurst Sausage

Knockwurst Sausage


Smoking & Products

Smoking Meats - $0.99 LB

Making Patties - $1.29 LB

Links - $1.99 LB (10LB minimum)

*Bulk Sausage - $1.29 LB (10LB min.)

        bulk sausage seasoning options found in "Meats" on the menu 


$4.29LB (10LB Minimum)

Peppered                       BBQ

Teriyaki                           Cajun

Peppered Teriyaki         Honey

Tex-Mex                         Jalapeno

Colorado                       Sweet & Spicy

Spicy Colorado

Summer Sausage

$3.09LB (30LB Minimum)

Mild Summer                Cheddar Summer

Spicy Summer               Jalapeno Cheddar

Jalapeno Summer        Pepperjack Summer

Hot Summer

Game Animals

If under 100LBS, a $150 charge will be applied for cut & wrap

Additional Pricing: Cheese - $0.99 LB ~ Jalapeno  - $0.20 LB ~ Bacon - $1.65 Lb

What Our Clients Say

Butcher's Cuts
Image by Johan Godínez

Kyle, Custom Beef Customer

My wife and I started purchasing our 1/2 beef from CJ's about 4 years ago. The custom cuts, quality, and quantity that we receive is impressive and the meat tastes wonderful.
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